Ultimate Frisbee


I discovered Ultimate (Frisbee) as a Freshman in 2014 at Lakewood High School in Colorado. The sport plays well with my speed, agility, and height of 6'! I was named to the Varsity Mixed Team my Freshman Fall & Varsity Girls Team Freshman Spring. I was Captain for both teams my Junior and Senior years. During the 4 years on Lakewood Deep Mixed Team, we placed 2nd at the State Championships twice & were State Champions in 2016. The Girls Team placed 2nd at States twice! 

Ultimate is an awesome sport with great aerobic exercise, speed, skill, and best of all camaraderie! The Ultimate Community is a tight family!. Ultimate is unique, as the games are self-officiated by the players on the field. No input can come from teammates, coaches, or parents on the sidelines. As players, we learn to listen to and respect each other's opinions and work our differences out until an amicable solution is found. In higher level games (like Nationals or World Championships), there are "Observers" that will help direct a disputed play, but the decision ultimately rests with the players on the field. 

"Spirit of the Game" is a huge part of Ultimate as well! During the game while there is a time-out, the team players on both sides not currently playing gather in the center of the field to play circle games. This furthers the fun and camaraderie between teams. After the game, both teams gather together and talk about what they enjoyed during the game and recognize players from the other team that helped bring out spirit and sportsmanship. 

In 2018, I earned a spot on the US U20 Women's Team. We competed at the U20 Junior Ultimate World Championships in Canada, where we were the undefeated World Champions! (please see  wjuc2018.com) It was an amazing experience, and an incredible group of women both in depth of talent & character! I made lifelong friendships and it was an amazing experience I will never forget!

In 2019, I was named to the U24 Women's National Team. We competed in the 2019 U24 Ultimate World Championships in Heidelberg, Germany, where we went undefeated earning the Gold as World Champions! (see nationalteam.usaultimate.org)


Since 2018, I have been the youngest player on Denver's top women's team, Molly Brown. We remain #1 in the Region, finished #2 at the 2019 Pro Championships, and #6 at the 2019 Club Nationals. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the 2020 Season was cancelled.

In January 2020, I was 1 of 28 men & women selected from across the country to be a role model and promote Ultimate at the Beach of Dreams Youth Invite in Santa Monica, CA. Not only was Beach Ultimate showcased, but we worked & played Ultimate with the attending kids, and embodied the Spirit of the Game throughout the weekend.

In Fall of 2019, I was named to the University of Colorado's Women's Ultimate A Team, Quandary. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Collegiate 2020 as well as 2021 Seasons were cancelled.  I hope to play for CU Quandary in the Spring of 2022. Please follow us on our journey to the 2022 Collegiate Nationals. Sko Buffs!