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Stacy finished 22nd in Qualifiers at her first Snowboard World Championships

Stacy did well today, starting at 26th and finishing 22nd cutting off 1.5 seconds on her 2nd run, and ending up with the 2nd fastest timed run for the US women. Unfortunately due to safety reasons, they changed the brackets from 6 (field of 24) to a bracket of 4 (field of 16). Although Stacy thought this was a good decision, it meant she needed to be in the top 16 timed runs to qualify for tomorrow's competition.

Stacy boarded well, and gained more experience against the World's best. We are so proud of her and had fun cheering her on today! We're not sure what this means for the SBX Team event on February 3. We'll update you when we know.

(she's on the left above the red fencing)
Stacy getting Big Air as she approaches the Finish

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