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Our hearts go out to Eva Samkova

Eva Samkova, an amazing athlete & competitor, tops in the Women's SBX over the years and so much fun to watch and compete against, sadly broke both of her ankles at the finish of the Mixed Team event in Montafon. She had 2 incredible and exciting win from behind races starting in 4th place due to her teammate's finishes. (I know personally 'cause she beat me in the finish by .07seconds, bumping us out of the Big Finals! Quite the run!!)

In the Finals she started in 4th place 2.36 seconds behind Michela Moioli and still managed to place 2nd, only .19 seconds behind Michela!! Sadly it was after that impressive finish as she slid to a stop her board jammed and she broke both ankles.

Our hearts go out the Eva and we wish her well in her recovery. Eva has been such an inspiration to me and other SBX competitors over the years! A freaking awesome SBX rider, Legend, Sportswoman, and friend!! We will miss you terribly on the circuit this year.

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