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Greetings from Canada!

Had a great US SBX Team Camp at the Sunshine Resort in Alberta, Canada January 12-19. The SBX course was rad and a lot of fun! It was awesome training with Faye, Rosi, Lindsey, and Livia. Learned a lot training with these amazing US SBX women! Unfortunately on Saturday when we were training with the Canadian World Cup Team one of the Canadians tried to pass me on the course, clipped my board, I caught a heel edge, clocked my noggin, and ended up with a concussion.

I was hoping to be cleared for the World Cup Qualifiers today at Big White, but sadly the US Team doctors want me to rest my brain a bit longer. So I'm sitting this one out. Unfortunately the Feldberg Germany World Cup next week has been cancelled due to lack of snow. As a result they are eliminating the Mixed Team event here on Sunday, and running another World Cup competition. I most likely will not be cleared to compete in that either. Very frustrating and disappointing! But got to let the noggin heal.

There is a North American SBX Cup (next competition level down) being held here at Big White January 29-31 so the Canadian and US World Cup Teams are staying and competing in those. Hopefully I'll be good to go by then. We'll see...

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