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2021-2022 World Cup Season off to a Great Start!

This past Spring, after having a 2nd surgery in less than a year on my left shoulder (turns out I was dislocating my shoulder in my sleep throughout 2020-21 World Cup season due to a torn posterior capsule that attaches to the labrum)! No wonder I was in so much pain and had minimal strength in the Starts! After the surgery, I worked hard all summer with physical therapists, doctors and trainers at the Steadman Clinic in Vail, CO. and US Ski and Snowboard Center of Excellence, getting my body in top shape for the 2021-2022 season being extremely careful to not damage the delicate recovery. My positive attitude, determination, dedication and grit has paid off so far!

Even though I won't have full strength in my left arm (important for the pull in the Start) till after the 2021-2022 Season is over, I'm off to a great start! At the SBX World Cup opener in China in November, I finished 8th. I placed 7th at Montafon, Austria December 10. I currently am ranked #6 in World Cup Standings! I am the youngest female competitor in the top 15, and have the least amount of World Cup Starts (13) with most of the top 15 competitors having 2-5x as many starts! (Boardercross is an older competitor sport due to experience and strategy one can only get on the course, and there are so few courses to train on around the World!) Mick Deardorff & I were the only US Mixed Team. We finished #8 out of 16 Teams.

We are now in Cervenia, Italy training for the World Cup December 13-19. Peacocktv will be televising the event live December 18 at 5:30am Eastern Standard Time. Hope you can watch! It's an exciting & fun ride!!

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