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2020-2021 Year in Review:

So the 2020-2021 SBX World Cup Season during the Covid-19 Pandemic was CRAZY!!!

Due to Covid-19 running rampant around the World, SBX World Cup Events and training were greatly interrupted, changed, canceled, rescheduled and canceled again during November-December 2020. Keeping one's head in the right place, staying in shape in spite of all the challenges that presented with gyms closed, Quarantines, ski areas shutting down, and staying healthy with no vaccinations available was the Name of the Game!

The FIS World Cup Organization and many European Countries did a FANTASTIC job working together to make the 2020-2021 SBX World Cup Season happen. When Countries had to cancel a World Cup, other Countries stepped in to schedule one. Since no one could go to China to compete in the 2021 SBX World Championships (and try out the 2022 Olympic Venue) Sweden stepped up and hosted the World Championships. They did an Awesome job, and I posted my best result of the season with a 6th place finish and the Best US Finish of the Women and Men! Please see:

I had a Great season placing in the top 10 in 5 out of 7 SBX World Cup events! I finished the 2020-21 Season 11th overall! And at the World Cup Finals in Veysonnaz, Switzerland, where only the Top 16 Overall Women are invited, I had a photo finish placing 7th. Not bad after starting the season ranked 30th due to a rough 2019-2020 World Cup Season!

This past summer I was promoted to the US SBX B Team from the US SBX Development Team. I will start the 2021-2022 SBX World Cup season ranked #11 and #3 for the US Women.

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